Modernism Tours.

TPNO Hosts Modernism Week Tours.

The TPNO has been hosting highly successful Twin Palms Modernism Week tours since 2014. Tour participants have come from around the county–and the world–to experience the first truly mid-century modern housing tract in Palm Springs designed by William Krisel and built by the Alexander Construction Company.

2023 Tour.

All 400 tickets for 2023 were sold out in record time. The tour featured two Krisel designed homes and 1 Ocotillo Lodge condo, all built by the Alexander Construction Company. Four additional homes by other acclaimed mid-century architects/builders highlighted the architectural diversity of the neighborhood. The tour also included four unique neighborhood landmarks, the William Krisel’s Twin Palms multi-media exhibit at the Ocotillo Lodge, and vintage cars displayed along the way.

2022 Tour.

After skipping the 2021 tour due to Covid, the Twin Palms Neighborhood Home Tour returned bigger and better than ever in 2022. All 300 tickets were sold out by early January. In addition to tours of five Krisel designed and Alexander Construction Company build homes, for the first time the Tour highlighted seven unique neighborhood landmarks. Participants were also able to experience the William Krisel’s Twin Palms multi-media exhibit located next to the registration area at the Smoke Tree Racquet Club.

TPNO 2022 Tour Handout.

2020 Tour.

2020 set a new high quality benchmark for the Twin Palms Neighborhood Home Tours. The 2020 Tour sold out all 400 tickets and included the following firsts for our Twin Palms Tour: all 7 homes on the tour were never included in prior tours; over a dozen vintage cars were displayed along the tour route; and the expanded William Krisel’s Twin Palms exhibit on display at a home in the neighborhood included a video featuring Mr. Krisel thanking TPNO and the City for naming a street in his honor.

2019 Tour.

The 2019 Tour featured the Ocotillo Lodge which served as the registration site. The expanded William Krisel’s Twin Palms Exhibit was on display in the clubhouse with its iconic view of the unique shaped pool framed by snow capped mountains. Three beautiful condo units at the Lodge were open for the tour. Rounding out the tour were four distinctive thoughtfully restored William Krisel designed homes located throughout the neighborhood.

2018 Tour.

Our best attended neighborhood tour to date, the 2018 Modernism Week tour featured 7 houses and the debut of the William Krisel’s Twin Palms Exhibit.

TPNO 2018 Tour Brochure.

2017 Tour.

The 2017 Tour was another sell out with over 500 tickets sold. The tour featured 4 William Krisel designed homes and 3 units at the Ocotillo Lodge. A highlight was the chance to tour the historic Ocotillo Lodge clubhouse.

TPNO 2017 Tour Brochure.

Ocotillo Lodge Brochure.

2016 Tour.

Our third annual Twin Palms Modernism Week Tour featured 7 William Krisel designed home built by the Alexander Construction Company. The homes highlighted 4 of the original iconic rooflines. 530 tickets were sold, making it our largest tour to date. For the first time, everyone received a tote bag with our Twin Palms logo, a full color muti-page tour brochure, and a custom commemorative ceramic coaster with a picture of a Krisel butterfly roofline house.

TPNO 2016 Tour Brochure.