Voluntary Opportunities.

Are you interested in getting to know more of your neighbors? Learning more about lesser known facts about Twin Palms history? Preserving our architectural heritage? Helping to increase positive community awareness of Twin Palms? Working with your neighbors to increase property values? Promoting individual and public safety? If so, the Twin Palms Neighborhood Organization (TPNO) needs you to join us. Listed below are descriptions of some of the current volunteer opportunities where people can get involved.

Getting Involved.

TPNO is a volunteer organization. There are no paid staff. We believe that working together is an important way to maintain and improve our neighborhood. There are numerous ways for people to become involved ranging from one-time activities, short term task forces focused on a specified goal, to ongoing membership on standing committees.

Advisory Board.

The TPNO By-Laws vest the up to 9 member Advisory Board with the authority to manage the affairs of the Organization, notably, the establishment of policies and procedures to guide ongoing operations including 1) the expenditure of funds in accord with the approved annual budget and 2) oversight of neighborhood initiatives, community grants, committees and projects, and administrative duties.

Members are elected by the membership for 2 year terms. Mid term vacancies can be filled by the Advisory Board. The Board meets as needed, generally about 6 or more times a year. Find out More Here.

Finance Committee.

The Finance Committee is a standing committee of the organization and meets as needed to 1) develop and submit a proposed Annual Budget to the Board, 2) monitor income and expenditures, 3) produce periodic reports for the Advisory Board and general membership, and 4) plays a role in the Community Grants process.

Current policy allows for community residents to provide input into the Community Grants process without becoming formal members of the Finance Committee. Find out More Here.

Modernism Committee.

The Modernism Committee is a standing committee of the organization that has direct responsibility for the planning and execution of the annual Twin Palms Modernism Tour held in February of each year. The Committee submits a proposed income and expense budget for Advisory Board approval. Volunteers with a wide range of skills are needed to produce a successful tour.

In addition to Committee members, volunteers are need each year as docents to work the day of the tour. Homeowners are also needed to offer their home to be on the tour.

William Krisel Exhibit.

The Advisory Board has approved a Neighborhood Initiative to oversee a museum quality exhibit in honor of William Krisel contributions to the architecture of the Twin Palms neighborhood. Volunteers are needed to work on this task force charged with development, construction, exhibition and preservation of the exhibit. Volunteers are needed to help with the logistics of periodic displays of the exhibit.

Volunteers are also needed to work on a fundraising program to cover some of the Exhibits costs.


The TPNO website is in need of volunteers with expertise in web site development and ongoing management. People are also needed to help with submission of content for the site including articles and pictures.

Monument Sign Task Force.

The Advisory Board has approved a Neighborhood Initiative to place Twin Palms Monument Signs in several locations around the perimeter of the neighborhood. The Task Force is responsible for identifying and securing locations for placement of the signs.

History Project.

The Advisory Board has approved a History Project with the goal of collecting and preserving information about the history of our neighborhood. Volunteers with writing and editing skills are needed. The goal is to provide a place where people can efficiently share historical information with one another and the community.

Volunteers are needed to launch this History Project.

Safety Vests.

The Advisory Board has approved an ongoing Neighborhood Initiative to provide free orange colored reflective safety vests to all interested Twin Palms residents. Vests come with information on how to report suspicious activities to the Palm Springs Police Department.

Volunteers are needed to help with the operation of this initiative including distribution of vests.


Volunteers are needed for one-time tasks. Examples include help with special events, membership meetings and community events.