Welcome to the Twin Palms Neighborhood Organization website designed to provide easy access for our Twin Palms residents and the general public to:

  • General information about the neighborhood, both past and present
  • Key facts about TPNO and how to contact us
  • Voluntary membership dues, TPNO volunteer opportunities and community resources.
  • Information on recent and upcoming events and meetings
  • Access to organizational documents and minutes
  • Our special relationship with world famous Mid-century architect William Krisel.

Our goal is to continue to expand the content and frequency of website updates.  Twin Palm residents are also encouraged to access our social media accounts including:

Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/twinpalms.ps/ 

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1000066975516481   

Next Door Twin Palms Group page https://nextdoor.com/g/c2ig7363m  **

**  You will first need to join Next Door at Next Door.com.  Next Door is a free internet site that provides daily access to local postings on things like security alerts, lost animals, review of local businesses and attractions, and current events.  To get a preview of what Next Door provides related to the Twin Palms neighborhood, you can google Next Door Twin Palms or use email address https://nextdoor.com/neighborhood/twinpalms–palm-springs–ca/

If you have questions or feedback to share with us, please contact us at our email address [email protected] or use the Contact Us button below: